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Millom Recreation Centre

About us ...

Millom Recreation Centre is a registered charity and was built in 1988.

The building was opened to the public by Dr. Jack Cunningham, MP on the 1st April 1988.
The centre is situated next to Tesco’s supermarket on Lancashire Road.
The building consists of the main hall and a small Gymnasium along with disabled toilets and reception area on the ground floor. Situated on the first floor are changing rooms, toilets and sun Bed room.
The sports Hall is the main feature of the building; this provides sufficient space for 4 Badminton courts. The hall has dividing curtains, which allow the floor space to be split in half or quarters and enables more than one activity to occur at one time.
The Gymnasium is accessible via the sports hall; this is limited in size and is suitable for a maximum of five people. Children s activities are also provided at holiday times.


Millom Recreation Centre and the building is leased from Copeland Borough Council.

Copeland give the Centre a yearly Service Level Agreement to help towards maintenance of the building.

Details of Finacial Accounts  are available at Millom Recreation Centre to be viewed, or you can request for it to sent to you
An AGM meeting was held at Millom Guide Hall on Tuesday 17th  November  2015 at 7.30pm. Minutes from the meeting are available on request at above E Mail address

The Centre is run by the following Staff: 

Manager: Tracy kirk

Receptionists: Christine Lawrence, Kimberley Pattinson, Daniel Seward, Ellie Dobson, Shirley Eaton 


The Directors and Trustees of the building are:
Marion Giles
Jamie Cairns

Ian Kirk

Nicola Ford

Chairman: Marion Giles

Secretary: Deborah Tyson

Treasurer: Nicola Tomlinson

Committee Members:

Alan Pattinson

Nicola Mellen





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