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At Millom Recreation Centre you will find everything you need to work out, improve your fitness and enjoy the time you spend in our centre. We believe exercise should be effective and fun and our teams will make sure it is.


Benefits of group exercise include:

  • Variety in your workout

  • Camaraderie between participants

  • Higher endorphin output

  • Better performance in classes due to more regular attendance

Embrace the benefits of group fitness. Meet new people, break the workout plateaus. Constantly refreshed and challenging workouts, MRC Exercise classes meet the diverse fitness needs of people at all levels. Choose from a variety of different international classes including PIYO, Metafit, Boogir Bounce, or participate in workouts designed by our instructors catering to varying needs of our customers

The Sports Hall is the main feature of the building. This provides sufficient space for activities such as 4 badminton courts, 2 Cricket nets, Table Tennis, Netball, Basket Ball, Indoor Bowling, Aerobics classes and much more. The Hall has dividing curtains which allow the floor space to be split in half or into quarters and enables more than one activity to occur at the same time.




The gym boasts the latest Life Fitness resistance and cardio-vascular equipment. This includes 1 Life Cycle 9500HR, 2 Life Fitness 9100HR treadmills, 1 Life Fitness cross trainer total body system,and 1 concept 2 rowing machine. We also have free weights and approx 5 resistance machines. This state of the art gym equipment allows you to enjoy your workout at any level and achieve the results you are looking for.

A gym induction can be arranged on request this induction will take no more than 1 hour and during that time, a personalised exercise programme will be designed to meet your requirements, detailing your personal programme that will be provided.

We do ask you to book in advance if you are planning your first visit to the Gym.


More intense than a stationary bike, indoor cycling keeps things cool with bumpin’ music and a killer class atmosphere. Expect to sit tight for 30 to 45 minute sessions, which can burn up to 900 calor. The intensity varies throughout the class, thanks to changing up body position, pedal speed, and resistance. And get ready to listen up: The instructor will yell out instructions to imitate a real ride of climbs, sprints, and coasts.


MRC-SPIN  is definitely no ride in the park, though. It guarantees to amp up VO2 max (the rate oxygen is carried to the muscles), a sign the body is being pushed . All that pedaling will tone up muscles, too, working the quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, and core. Studies have also found that indoor cycling can help shed unwanted pounds and potentially ward off migraines, while keeping impact on the joints to a minimum . Now that’s a #winning combo.



There’s a reason movie stars and financial moguls use personal trainers: The benefits of working with a personal trainer is one of the fastest, easiest, most successful ways to improve your health and fitness. In fact, the benefits of personal training has proved so effective that it has spread well beyond the realm of the rich and famous. Today, personal trainers are  affordable and used by people of all fitness, age and economic levels--and from all over the world--to help make lifestyle changes those people couldn’t achieve by themselves.


Come to use our lie down sunbed and relax in the sunshine!

We have a “lay-down” sunbed available for which we offer sessions of 25 minutes for £3.00


3 for 2 offer on all sunbed bookings


Vibration training was developed in Russia as early as the 1970's and proved highly effective in the success of the National Olympic teams during that decade.

Vibrostation works by generating vibrations that are transferred to the body. This process causes a 'myotatic' reflex or a 'stretch' reflex in the muscle being trained. The muscles involuntarily contract up to 30 times per second depending on your chosen setting.

An example of a stretch reflex is a reflex tested by the Doctor when they tap a reflex hammer under the knee. The upper leg muscles involuntarily contract 100% automatically.

Almost 100% of the muscles in the body are exercised using Vibrostation, unlike conventional training methods that only reach 40-55%.

A complete workout on the Vibrostation takes just 10 minutes to complete although it can be used for up to 30 minutes at a time.

The workout requires very little effort and will not cause you to sweat, which makes it the ideal training solution enabling you to go about your daily duties with the minimum of fuss.


Weekly classes are  held at Millom Recreation Centre every Saturday, coached by fully Qualified British Gymnastic coaches with sessions jam-packed full of different things to keep your little ones busy from events and badge work to performing in annual displays.


Our ethos is all about having an enjoyable experience, and making gymnastics fun.

Everyone enters the gymnastics programme at a general level to ensure you master the basics before progressing and our coaches regularly asses gymnasts to ensure they are continually progressing through our well-structured programme. We teach gymnastics skills on the floor and on the vault, moving on to incorporate the bars, beam, and tumbling.

“Then, once you’ve found your feet on the floor and perfected your balance and co-ordination, students can progress to an advanced coaching programme which offers a higher level of training. These advanced classes are for gymnasts by invitation only and will focus on those who  have the potential to excel further and perform in competitions.”


We have lots of children's activities to choose from, there is something for all ages, from our Reccy rascals playgroup for the  little ones to our  Staurday night Youth Zone for the local teens, or perhaps come along and try Gymnastics, Futsal,  Moky, Roller Blading or toddler, infant & junior football sessions .


  • Learn new skills, make new friends and have fun

  • All sessions are led by trained, DBS checked coaches

  • All equipment is provided

  • Please wear suitable clothing

  • Bring plenty to drink


If you want a special party for your child then look no further! Millom Recreation Centre provides a wide variety of party themes to choose from to suit all tastes and budgets so you can sit back and relax whilst we do all of the hard work for you.
Our party packages include:

softplay Party

Bouncy Castle Party

Gymnastic Party

Roller Skate & Scooter Party

Disco Party

Bubble Football Party

Boogie Bounce Trampoline fitness class party

Football  Party

Multi skills Party

Lazer Zone Party




We provide an excellent range of fun packed children activities during each school holiday. Our centre has  built up a well-deserved reputation by providing opportunities for the full spectrum of participants from pre-school to teens.

All of our friendly staff and coaches are highly qualified, holding relevant national governing body qualifications where appropriate and have had CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checks.


Our diverse and exciting range of activities are designed to encourage and develop self confidence, as well as instil new skills and abilities. We want your children to be inspired and have a rewarding, enjoyable and memorable experience with us. So whether your child likes to run, jump, shout, bounce, kick or climb you can rest assured we've go it covered!


Although sport is a large factor at Millom Recreation Centre, Our centre is also used for a number of other events.  We are a community building and we do provide other sevices, some of our recent other events include Table Top Sales, Laser shooting,playgroups  and  discos. If you would like to hire our hall for a comminty event or a private functionplease do not hesitate to contact us.

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